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Easter Mantel: Gold Accented Painted Wood Egg Set


I don’t know about you, but for years I did NOT have any Easter decor besides filling an Easter Basket with Easter goodies, and the traditional Easter egg hunts and Easter meals. In fact I never really got excited about Easter decorations because all the traditional pastel and bunnies and plaid and flowers and lace just seemed to uninspiring for me. Nothing grabbed my attention. UNTIL I saw a spray painted pastel rainbow of these wood eggs, and the inspiration FLOODED my brain. I was so excited I could place an order fast enough because I KNEW exactly what I was gonna do. I knew I wanted something with lots of gorgeous colors, but still had that elegant edge without the traditional “grandma-cheesy” Easter decor I detest.


I am OBSESSED with these colors and the gold accents. I have a set of gold utensils I use for Easter dinner, and so the gold accents just pulls it all together. I contemplated cutting out, and sanding my own eggs, but the shear amount of work it would take I was not prepared to do…I have my limits…made purchasing 6 sets so worthwhile. 

The gold accents I added are easier to see in this picture. I not only painted the bottom third of each egg–and since there are three different sizes, the bottom third is proportionate to the size of the egg–but I also speckled the eggs with the gold paint. I used a tooth brush dipped in the gold paint, and with my thumb or another finger to run down the paint soaked bristles while aiming at the wood eggs. To say the least, got gold paint all over my thumbs and fingers…and table and chairs…ya, I also recommend covering the table and all surrounding chairs with plastic before splattering paint. I learned the hard way, but I tend to be so excited about these projects that this type of prep work is harder for me than the extra clean up work I create for myself.

I used craft acrylics, as well as some of my professional grade Golden brand acrylics to achieve some of the colors I knew I HAD to have since I already had the on hand. Because I am uber particular with the shades of the colors I wanted, I mixed most of the colors myself, but that is entirely unnecessary if you find 3 different shades of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple you love in craft paints, as well as a craft paint in gold you love. I listed materials and steps below.

Required materials:

6 sets–wood eggs in 3 sizes

craft paint in 3 desired shades if each color grouping (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple)–18 colors

gold craft paint

*painter’s tape 


 1 inch flat paint brush or sponge brush

a clean, dry toothbrush (for speckeling)

plastic to cover your work surface to protect from gold speckling

80 grit or finer sandpaper




1) Sand the wood egg cutouts to smooth any splinters or any rough areas. You don’t need to make sure it is ultra smooth. in fact, I only do a light overall sanding using an 80 grit sandpaper quarter sheet (tearing a full sheet of sandpaper into fourths). You want the paint to have some texture to grip onto, and dry smoother; you do NOT want to paint such a smooth wood surface so the paint will basically peel off. 

2) Use two coats of the base color paint for each egg. Make sure you let each coat dry in between. 

3) Paint the bottom 1/3 of each egg with the gold craft paint. Use two coats, making sure each layer is completely dry before adding another coat of paint. *NOTE: You can use painters tape to mark off the bottom third for the gold paint. Just know you may need to go in with the base color paint to touch up any bleeding you may get with the gold once you remove the painter’s tape. I am an experienced painter, and thus trust my hand to be steady enough to get a straight line using a 1 in flat brush, and so I skip the painter’s tape. 

4) To speckle the eggs with the gold paint, dip your toothbrush in the gold paint (you do not want it dripping off of the toothbrush), and run your thumb or a finger from the hand not holding the toothbrush to flick the paint onto the base color part of the egg. Repeat until you are satisfied with the speckling. NOTE: Be aware that as you load your toothbrush with gold paint multiple times, paint can start to pool and then drip where you do not want it to drip if you are not careful. To remedy this, I simply tap off any excess paint after a few times I have dipped my toothbrush.  

5) Let the eggs dry completely before setting up your Easter display. Stand back, and enjoy your custom creation you will be able to use year after year. In fact, I see these custom made holiday decor pieces as heirlooms to pass on; it just adds to the sentimentality and tradition of the holiday. Happy Easter!


Check out my Spring/Easter dual sided letter blocks I created with scrap wood. Super easy project that is super cute!

Holidays Home Monthly Mantel Decor

Super Cute & Easy Scrap Wood Spring & Easter Decor Blocks


DO you have scrap wood sitting around from a home improvement project, you hate the space it is taking up, but you hate wasting perfectly good wood even more? Then this is the PERFECT project for you! It is so easy and so hard to mess up. All you need is 2 x 4 wood, a saw, or a friend who has one, sand paper, craft paint, brush or sponge brush, and letter stencils or vinyl letter cut outs to use the letters or as a stencil. I did both. It is so versatile as well! You can use it for Spring and Easter just by flipping the blocks!


Aren’t the colors so perfect for Spring AND Easter??!???!!! I am OBSESSED. I did use my Silhouette Cameo 3 for the first time since I bought it 6 months ago. This was the perfect excuse to pull it out. It was a headache, but I am sure for all y’all who are NOT “tech phones” like me wouldn’t have an issue. I ALWAYS have issues setting up technology…part of the reason it sat for so long.

I knew I wanted Spring on one side of the letter blocks, and Easter on the other side. As I played around with fonts and sizes, I decided on all lower case for Spring and all upper case for Easter. I loved the font changes, and I used the Georgia font, which I love to use. I also knew I was gonna make 3 sets…and I still have tons of scrap wood left over from my storage shelves…I will definitely post about those. I had a co-worker and friend come over with her 3 little girls for a craft day. Her oldest is a die hard crafter at the wee age of 8, which I adore because I was too at a young age. I started by cutting the blocks to size (listed below). We had to make a Home Depot run because I was out of sand paper; knowing there were 3 girls 8 and under, I got the sand paper blocks for them, but I prefer the basic sand paper I tear into quarters to use. I bought 80 grit to make sure all the splinters were smoothed down, as well as any stamp lettering you commonly find on 2x4 studs. The girls were put to work sanding as well, and it was a great teachable moment to let them know there is always the “not-so-fun” parts of projects, but that it was a necessary part, and if we persevere we get to do the fun part: painting! Painting these wood blocks is perfect for young kids because they are a single background color each, and if the parents allow, the kids can choose their color adding to the excitement and ownership of the project; they will BEAM with accomplishment and love it all the more because they picked out their color. The girls lost interest and left my friend and I to some much needed girl talk as we finished painting the first coats! Hahaha! It was SOOOO therapeutic. I recommend painting two coats to ensure there is solid coverage of the background colors. These blocks become a keepsake to remember they were custom made each Spring and Easter.

To save on vinyl, I used one set of letters for two sets of blocks: one set of blocks I used the background vinyl of the letters as a stencil to paint the letter, and then on another set I used the actual vinyl letters. Confession time, my friend also had to use the background of the letters as stencils because I ran out of my precious white vinyl troubleshooting why the darn machine wouldn’t cut all the way through the vinyl. Grrrrrr. Well I figured out the bottom of the cutting tool was loose and not screwed in all the way, and I didn’t have the cutting tool properly locked into place…I’m just bummed it took 3 sheets of white vinyl to figure that out! Oh well, you live and learn…but the important part is I LEARNED!!! BTW, you will want to space the letters so you can cute each letter to have a clean margin of vinyl if you plan to use the stencil. My personal preference if the painted letters using the vinyl letter stencils. Once I applied two coats of the white paint, and on the second coat I removed the vinyl stencil to keep the paint from drying which I imagine would make removing the vinyl a pain…or worse…detrimental to all the hard work of the letter block. There is nothing I detest more than wasted time…well, wasted time where I felt like there wasn’t a proper lesson to learn.

As you can see I embellished one set with ribbon, pink twine, felt flower cutouts, buttons, and beads. The set you see the embellishments on is one set of blocks with the letters for Spring on one side, and Easter on the other side. I think they turned out so adorable!!! And yes, I did find my little spelling mishap…tee hee hee…I think it is a subliminal message. Did you see it? Spring is “bloomy”-ing! I didn’t even notice until my husband started belly laughing, and told me he loves me. Ha! I tell you, I am the worst editor in the world because it all looks right in my head! I did keep the painted gold “bloopered” set myself (above). I also added gold splatters to that set. The gold splatters is a running theme through all my custom made Easter decor, which I cannot wait to share it all with you! I have listed all the cut lengths below, as well as listed all the materials you will need. 

2x4 cut lengths:

1- 13.75 inch piece

2- 5.5 inch pieces (tall)

2- 5 inch pieces (medium)

2- 4.25 inch pieces (small)


Required materials:

2x4 wood studs, scrap wood is perfect for this

wood saw (I used my miter saw) or a good friend with one 🙂

craft paint in the colors you prefer

1 inch flat paint brush or sponge brush


1 inch flat paint brush or sponge brush

small flat brush, if you plan to stencil in the letters (I prefer this to a stencil brush)

sand paper, 80 grit or finer

vinyl letters in your preferred font, or letter stencils



1) Cut the wood to the specified lengths. 

2) Sand all edges and faces of the wood to smooth any splinters, rough edges, or ink stamps on the wood. You do not need it to be super smooth, and in fact I do not use sand paper finer than 80 grit because it gives the paint good teeth to grip and gives better coverage. 

3) Order the size of the blocks to your preference. For the Spring letters, I used the pattern: tall, medium, small, medium, tall, small where only the first and last blocks do not sit on the bottom longest block. For the Easter letters: tall, medium, tall, small, medium, small. I actually only marked the bottom with one of the letter combinations, and once I did all the steps to complete one side, I turned the blocks around and rearranged it slightly until I liked the order for the letters to spell the other word on the other side. 

4) Paint two coats on all sides of all the blocks your desired colors. I let each layer completely dry before adding a coat. 

5) Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding the vinyl letters, or stencils. Spell out your desired word on each side to coordinate for Spring and Easter. 

6) I chose different phrases on the long base block. You can customize what phrase you prefer, then stencil or adhere the phrase with the vinyl. Embellish to your hearts desire, or leave as is and you will have a great custom made keepsake you will love to put out each Spring, and flip the blocks to continue to enjoy through Easter!

Don’t forget to check out these amazing and colorful gold accented wood Easter eggs perfect for any mantel. I’m OBSESSED with them!

Monthly Mantel Decor

March Mantel Decor: Lucky Shamrocks


I love it when ideas come together seamlessly as if they were meant to be. This is how my March mantel came to life. I love decorating my mantel each month with holiday themes or seasonal themes. It adds that extra special sense of celebration to the home. Custom decor also give me the ability to let my creativity go free and have an artistic outlet I thoroughly get joy from. Also, each custom handmade piece becomes an heirloom I am proud to pass on, put up year after year building family memories and traditions to deepen that joy.


The first piece conceived in my mind was the rainbow felted wool ball garland. I was at a loss trying to figure out the easiest way to get all the shades of the rainbow I wanted in the same size, which can be very tricky and time consuming…and I am not about to waste my time. Thankfully I found these and loved the variety of color. I knew I could use the more vibrant rainbow colors for my March St. Patrick’s themed garland, and the other more muted colors would be great for a fall month garland. 

All you need is white embroidery floss and a needle with an eye large enough for the full width of the floss, and you are good to string those felt balls together. I tied a looped knot at the beginning, made sure my needle went through as close to the center of the felt ball each time, and strung them one after another. I did line up the colors in the order I wanted from beginning to end. I used 52 total felted wool balls to repeat a pattern of 17 colors from a dark burgundy to white with multiple shades of basic red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. I love seeing multi shades in my rainbows! Oh, and I did use one extra white to begin and end the garland with white. I knotted it off with a matching length loop, and used a large paper clip I opened up to use as a double hook to attack the garland on one side and to my tall silver candle holders.

The next idea I procured during my Christmas decor take down, that happened late February…believe me I was beginning to think it was going to be Christmas in July as things were going with no time and no energy to put Christmas away with all the other project I had going between work and home.

I was about to put these iron fireplace pillar candle holders I traditionally have only used for Christmas. Then it hit me…WHY on earth am I using these gorgeous candle holders ONLY for Christmas? Why not take what I’ve done for Christmas and do something similar to customize for all my holidays and seasons? So I also get to reuse the pillar candles I have (and have never burned), and all I did was add these beautiful rainbow spectrum ribbons with a small chartreuse green ribbon I had on hand and tied them at the top with a simple square knot to give it added interest. I love it! Just about every time I see these candle holders, I have to laugh because until I decided to paint these white with white glitter, I HATED these wrought iron candle holders. They were my husband’s before we got married (or maybe his parents he “inherited”) and they were bulky, beige, and so ugly in my mind. I seriously had them packed up to donate a few times, and something always made me hesitate but I didn’t know why. Then it hit me to refinish them, get white pillar candles, and wrap the base of the candles in a beautiful red sparkle stripe ribbon, and I have loved them ever since. I love them ever more now that I can use them all year! P.S. I just used cellophane tape to tape on the rainbow ribbon, but know when I change it over for Easter, I will take the time to burn the edges of the ribbon to stop the fraying and be able to use these year after year.  I may need to cut the thin green ribbon, but I am thinking I will stitch it onto the wide ribbon, and just tape it each year…unless I can figure out another easy way. 

One thing I knew I wanted to do, but it took the right inspiration on how I was going to do it, was have wood letters spell out LUCKY using various green shades and one letter was going to be painted a rainbow spectrum. JoAnne’s and Michael’s ironically left me inspirational-less, however, walking through Walmart’s vamped up craft section I saw these great wood slatted panels in different sizes. Boom! Inspiration came flooding in! I bought the light grey almost white thinking I would paint the background pure white in the biggest one as well, but in the end I liked the subtle difference. I knew I needed two wood shamrock cutouts that I couldn’t find anywhere with the right size, shape, and thickness. I did find them on two different Etsy stores. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. I hate having to be patient once I get a completed vision in my head. However, I am so glad it worked out that way, because I finished painting, gold speckling the LUCKY unfinished wood letters I found at Michael’s and got on discount with a great coupon for my whole purchase (where I also got the felt shamrock garland, sparkle mini shamrocks, and gold coins i used on my mantel–watch out for those coupons on their app!). While waiting for my large shamrock and four leaf clover to arrive, I painted the green and white chevron and felt I needed some sparkle! I had some emerald green glitter craft paint I got from the after Christmas sales that was perfect for this. After adding the glitter to the green chevron, I knew I wanted to use the same green and glitter craft paint for the shamrock was planning to glued above the LUCKY letters. It turned out better and tied them in together perfectly! I also had a blast using my paint mixing skills to paint the spectrum rainbow on the U. I am just obsessed with it all and thrilled at how well it all came together.   

I knew I wanted the spectrum rainbow to tie in from the candles, to the garland, the U in the lucky, but felt there needed to be one more place. The smallest wood slat square I originally wanted to break in my Silhouette, that I haven’t set up since getting it for Christmas, and make a stencil for the phrase”You are the gold at the end of my rainbow,” however, time got away from me and I needed something faster. I figure I can use that for another project next year–I always have far too many ideas than I do time! 

When the four leaf clover wood cutout arrived, it was perfect for the square, but too big for the green and white chevron like I was planning, so it hit me…to tie in the gold speckling on the letters AND that last rainbow spectrum element, I would paint the four leaf clover gold, and the whole square the rainbow spectrum like I did the letter U! Voila!!! The inspiration and seamlessness of everything coming together just kept making me so happy! The last thing I did was throw up some the the left over foam shamrocks, and it was a wrap! Now I finally had my March mantel and I am OBSESSED with it! It has all the elements I love: gorgeous color, balance, everything is tied together, sparkle, and nothing is gaudy or cheap looking…it is not diy, it is CUSTOM!

To do the chevron, I taped off the pattern using the thinnest painter’s tape I could find. I first measured the width of the medium sized wood slat piece, and it worked out to divide it into 2 inch sections for each segment of the chevron design. In the video I posted to the right, I show you what I do to ape on the chevron and how I used the width of the tape to determine the width of the chevron spacing. After the tedious, thought relaxing, process of taping off the chevron pattern, I used an inch flat brush to paint in the green. I immediately removed the tape while the paint was damp to avoid any sticking.

After the green paint was dry, I used white craft paint, and a smaller flat brush to paint in the white, while at the same time being able to clean up any bleeding the green did and sharpen up the edges. After it all dried, I used the flat brush to paint on the glitter craft paint. It adds the perfect variation in design, color and texture to the whole mantel.

NOTE: To paint the greens, as well as the spectrum rainbow colors and the gold, I used my artist grade Golden acrylic paints I had on hand. You may use craft paints to achieve the look for much less, but I knew ahead of time I wanted this to be a long lasting, heirloom quality set of holiday decor with the vibrant colors I can achieve with my Golden acrylics. I personally feel it is worth it, and see it as an investment. There is nothing saying that you, however, cannot use the craft paints that offer a beautiful range of color options–especially if you are not as confident in mixing colors.

Materials needed:

DMC white embroidery floss–full 6 strands

embroidery needle with a large eye

52 felted wool balls of various shades in rainbow colors

3 inch wide rainbow ribbon

3/8 inch green craft ribbon

clear cellophane tape


fabric scissors-to cute the ribbon to size

white pillar candles

3 sizes of white washed slatted wood panels–largest, medium, and small square–found at Walmart’s craft wood section

Craft paints of various rainbow colors–as many as you like, or mix to make many shades




gold craft paint

emerald green glitter craft paint

1 incha dn 1/2 inch flat craft paint brushes

paint palette or paper plate for mixing colors

6 inch unfinished wood letters LUCKY

6 inch unfinished shamrock wood cutout–I found mine in Etsy 

8 inch unfinished four leaf clover wood cutout–I found mine in Etsy 

white craft glue

thin painter’s tape


measuring tape

long ruler

cup and water to rinse brush

paper towels


What did you do for your custom March mantel?