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About Me

About Me


Hi there, I’m Heather.  I was born in Happy Valley, otherwise known as Provo, UT. I grew up in the Midwest, specifically the Minneapolis, MN suburbs, which I affectionately call “The Land of the Frozen Chosen”.  After going out west for university and 15 wonderful years in paradise– from SF’s Bay area to SoCal–I find myself a flower in the desert, learning to bloom in a different extreme climate. I’ve been a high school math teacher for 20 years now, but outside of the classroom,  I am obsessed with creating.  Whether I am tweaking a recipe, painting my wall calendar for the new month, using my power tools to cut scarp wood for a new holiday decoration, or planning my next dinner party, you can be sure it is not DIY, it is CUSTOM!







My Story

My Creative Obsessions Begin

My earliest creative memory was helping my dad build a shelf in our first home in Orem, Ut.  Well, “helping” is generous as I am sure I as more playing with daddy’s tools than anything.  It was a great time to grow up, and growing up to be meant a lot of creating. My dad was a carpenter and my mom an interior/exterior designer, so to say creating oozed out my pores is putting it lightly.  My mom designed and decorated our house since I can remember.


Our first house in MN had an unfinished basement and no garage, and finishing the garage and the basement were not the only projects throughout my childhood. Our house was a blank canvas that was constantly being improved. Walls were blown out. Decks,  porches, and patios built.  The word “entertainment system” didn’t exist in my vocabulary. Going out to buy one was  not in my realm of life experience. We needed shelves, cabinets for toys, a place for the TV. No problem, so my mom and dad would design and build it. We needed curtains. We didn’t go shopping for them. We shopped for fabric and my mom sewed not only the roman shades for our windows, but upholstered the window valences my dad made the from MDF. The number of projects we did in that house, I honestly couldn’t count them. I can tell you that by 16, I announced that my parents were not allowed to do another project until I moved out to college.


Holidays were filled with not only great food from scratch, but homemade decorations. I have so many memories of my grandmas dinner rolls, caramel pecan rolls, mashed potatoes…food and lots of it was the center of any family holiday, celebration, vacation which was always a family reunion. My mom made my Pink Princess Leia costume, and it made zero different that most people would never be able to say they recognized I was a Pink Princess Leia.  What meant the most to  me is that my mom asked what I wanted to be, that is what I told her, and she sewed it.


Carving pumpkins isn’t my first thought when I think of Halloween; painting pumpkins is!  That is because my earliest tradition for halloween besides making our costumes, is painting pumpkins. Paint brushes were as common in my house as pencils or crayons…well, ok, maybe that is a stretch, but my point is that creating whether it is sewing, cooking, drawing, using power tools…whatever it was, it was custom. Custom to our needs, design ideas, and the space, event, holiday, or whatever we could think up. It wasn’t about finding a stock,  pre-made item that everyone else had; it was about dreaming it up and then making it a reality. It wasn’t DIY, it was custom. So, here I am. My whole life has been about custom design. I have a intatiable desire to create, and it is in my blood. My brain just won’t stop. It is wired that way. I find great joy in creating, I find great joy in sharing what I create, and seeing others add richness in their creations!

KETO Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Veggies, & Coconut Cauliflower “Rice”

  I would have to rate this meal as one of my all time favorites!!! Total food nirvana. The flavors are spot on, go so well together, and the coconut cauliflower rice is beyond delicious. The best part of it are all the tasty left overs! I’m salivating...

KETO Indian Butter Chicken & Saffron Turmeric Cauliflower “Rice”

  Can I just try to tell you how much I LOVE Indian food and starting KETO I was soooo worried about all the food I wouldn’t be able to have I had no idea the variety of food I would be able to have. AND how delicious and satisfying everything would be. I...

Keto Lasagna

  One of my biggest fears starting a KETO lifestyle was giving up breads and pasta. I was so uneducated on KETO when I first started, all I knew is that it was high fat low carb and I kept seeing it with connected to IF (intermittent fasting) specifically for...

Keto Beef Stroganoff

  Who doesn’t miss comfort foods when you are trying to lose weight? I know I do!!! Thankfully you do NOT have to miss out on KETO. I LOVE Beef Stroganoff, and the wheels just started turning to make a keto friendly version of this delicious comfort food. I...

Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu and Keto Broccoli Salad

  Since starting the ketogenic way of eating, and lost 16 lbs in the first month on top of feeling great and enjoying what I can eat, I have been converting my favorite regular recipes into keto friendly recipes and they are turning out so yummy! My most recent...

Mexican Keto Beef Rice Bowl

  One of the food items I was so worried to give up starting Keto was rice. Finding a rice substitute didn’t cross my mind until weeks later. Hallelujah for cauliflower rice! This Mexican Keto Rice Bowl hit the spot and was so delicious. A guilt-free and...

Low Carb Keto Pizza: Less Than 4g Net Carbs Per Serving

  If you haven’t tried a Cauliflower Pizza and you are dying for pizza on keto, you need to!!! You will not miss the original thing. I was so worried, but thought I would go for it. It was amazing! My husband and guests are not keto and they loved it. I was...

Got-To Keto Avocado Ranch Dressing

  Avocado’s healthy fats are pretty widely known, but do you know about the healthy fats in Sardines? Can’t fathom eating sardines? I know I couldn’t, but knowing their nutritional value, I wanted to find a way I could add them to my meals.  I...

Keto Gelato: Best Fat Bomb Ever

  Are you on Keto and do you dream of Velvety Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato? Or are you so sick of other “fat bombs?” You will LOVE this velvety Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato! There is not better way to use 15 egg yolks and 6 cups of heavy...

Best Gold Drip Technique

  Anyone else frustrated with painted chocolate gold drips gold? I know I am. And you definitely do not get the GOLD DRIP effect you would envision. I mean I don’t. Sure, it looks pretty like in this cake I did, but I just wasn’t complete happy about...

About Me

Bloomy’s Dictionary…how did I get here?

This is one loaded question! Are you ready for it? Ok, here we go…

To say I knew I’d be right here right now one day is far from the reality of it.  AND, let’s just say if you knew all the going-ons of my brain, we’d both be in the looney bin. If I told you how many ideas, projects, recipes, holiday dinners I’ve come up with in my life, you would think I was exaggerating. In fact, just telling you for my wedding reception I made the invitations, sewed 6 bridesmaid dresses combining two patterns, a mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses, 13 flower girl dresses, hair flower clips for all the bridesmaids and flower girls, a foam sucker display for the candy bar like a wedding cake, the table signs, the tea light stickers, a 3 tier chandelier from curved pvc pipe and twinkle icicle lights, all the flowers from my bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, table centerpieces, to boutonnieres and corsages, as well as the 5 tier wedding cake…to start…you may not believe me without the photo proof.  It’s a sickness. We have our own sickness, and mine is creating. One thing I learned in my madness creating, it’s not DIY, it’s CUSTOM! I take great joy in my custom creations and all the artisanal work that goes into them. All my creations are one of a kind. I knew I needed to change the meaning or connotation of DIY to what I see it as–custom work without the custom price tag.

Let me give you some background about Bloomy…me! At 16, I couldn’t find a job during the week to pay for my gas and car insurance for my commute to the University of MN, which I was attending for dual credit my junior and senior year of high school. I started with a weekend paper route with the StarTribune, and taking the bus…well a couple bus transfers…to the U of MN. I got a call to fill in for an old gentleman who was not well; he had one of the bigger older paper routes of the depot that had not been divided up since he had it for years. After subbing the route for two weeks, I was given his route permanently because the gentleman’s health didn’t permit him to haul papers through high rises anymore. This rocked the paper-route world, of which I still had no idea of. Well, we are all creatures of habits, and here I am, this tall 5’11” 16 year old brunette stuffing papers every morning at the paper depot among most men who could be my father, or fathers and sons, maybe one husband and wife team…to say I stuck out was in understatement, AND I got the most lucrative route–meaning you could deliver the most papers in the shortest time being paid by paper you deliver on your route. I had no idea a paper route at that time was a serious source of income at that time for some people, and the best paying route basically fell into my lap. The guy who stuffed his papers on the other side of my table–who I later found out was doing his route to make up for past due tax money taken out of his pay checks, so to say he was jealous of my route was putting it lightly, but he was still friendly and social with me–started calling me “Bloomies” as in “Bloomingdales” because I was “making so much money for a 16-year-old.” This made me laugh, but it stuck. “Bloomies” was shortened to “Bloomy.”

Little did I know less than 8 years later, my now ex-husband whom I was dating at the time, would tease me about my creative use of words and made up words, for which I never apologized for, and basically just became part of my panache and style. He dubbed it Bloomy’s Dictionary.  An English teacher who I team taught with my first year teaching said I was “almost, not quite, but almost as good as Shel Silverstein at making up my own words.” I’ll take it, and I take it all as a compliment!

You see I LOVE to create, even down to my words! Shel has nothing on me!

So fast forward 20 years into teaching high school math from remedial to upper division in some of CA’s and now NV’s most challenging public schools…I’ve worked hard every step of the way. Many of those steps took me places, like the Bay Area of SF and now Sin City, I never would have expected. Life changes that often felt like left field hits to my face and the biggest life trials I wasn’t sure I’d overcome in the midst of it, became my happiest times…until 5 years ago. Now I’ve never regretted teaching until the red tape started choking me, and I dreaded getting up in the mornings. The only escape I had were my creations, in what ever form they came in. While teaching in Las Vegas, I started to get this nagging to do something else…something more…something I absolutely loved…creating! So, then what? Little by little it dawned on me to start a blog. I’m such the foreigner the world of blogging, and all I know is what I know…to dive in the deep end and learn to swim. So here I am…and it couldn’t have happened at a better time! Cheers to this new path and thank you for joining me. We are gonna have some FUN! And remember, it’s not DIY, it’s CUSTOM!