Mexican Keto Beef Rice Bowl

Mexican Keto Beef Rice Bowl


One of the food items I was so worried to give up starting Keto was rice. Finding a rice substitute didn’t cross my mind until weeks later. Hallelujah for cauliflower rice! This Mexican Keto Rice Bowl hit the spot and was so delicious. A guilt-free and healthy keto meal. Start with a perfectly marinated steak, lime-cilnatro keto “rice,” pico de gallo, spinach, lettuce, jack cheese, and guacamole! Ole Keto!

I got the idea when my husband went to go get himself a burrito, and a burrito bowl came to mind. I was surprised I had not thought to create a keto burrito bowl before. A lovely marinated steak on the grill, with fresh pico & guac, shredded jack cheese on a bed of spinach and lettuce sounded beyond perfection. The only thing I had to do was whip it up. I always make extra to cook once and feast many times!

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Mexican Keto Steak

This marinade is so fast and delicious that the flavor it adds to steak for a Mexican dish makes it better than restaurant dishes in the comfort in your own home. Perfect for a low carb high fat Keto diet. Pair with Keto Cauliflower Cilantro-Lime “Rice,” spinach, lettuce, Pico de Gallo, shredded jack cheese, and Guacamole. Ole Keto! 

4 lbs steak, portioned into 3-5 oz servings

1/2 red onion

2 T minced garlic

2 T chili powder

1/4 Olive Oil


2 T cumin

1 tsp oregano

1 T pink Himalayan salt

I lime, juiced

1/4 ACV (apple cider vinegar)


1) Set your steak out as you make the marinade to bring up to room temperature.
2) Add the remaining ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth. Add water one tablespoon at a time if needed.  
3) Place the steak in a bowl or zip lock bag. Pour in the marinade, and set for at least 30 minutes.
4) To grill: heat the grill to 450 to 500 degrees F. Grill 2-3 minutes per side, up to 4 minutes for a thicker steak. 

On the stove: heat a skillet to med-high heat. Add 1 T olive oil and 1 T butter, and sear both sides of the steak 2-4 minutes per side, depending on thickness and desired wellness. 
5) Take the steak off the heat, and let rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing. FOr a Beef Burrito Bowl, cut the steak into bite size cubes.  Enjoy!

Keto Cauliflower Cilnatro-Lime “Rice”

With less than 4 g of carbs per serving, and no rise time, this delicious pizza crust is so fast, easy, and satisfying. Top with your favorite keto approved sauce and toppings. Bake once, and use for multiple keto meals. Add a large leafy greens salad, and you have a balanced healthy keto meal with no guilt. Half the recipe for a smaller pizza.

4 c grated cauliflower

1 lime, juiced 


2 T butter

2 T chopped cilantro


1) Grate the cauliflower. To grate the cauliflower quickly and easily, use a food processor with a grating attachment.

2) Heat a pan on the stove on medium heat.

3) Melt the butter, add the cauliflower, and the lime juice. Saute on medium heat, and cover to steam for 5 min. Stir and steam until the preferred texture is reached.

4) Season with pink Himalayan salt to taste. 

5) Serve immediately. Store in an air tight container in the fridge, or freeze for future meals. 


Low Carb Keto Pizza: Less Than 4g Net Carbs Per Serving

Low Carb Keto Pizza: Less Than 4g Net Carbs Per Serving


If you haven’t tried a Cauliflower Pizza and you are dying for pizza on keto, you need to!!! You will not miss the original thing. I was so worried, but thought I would go for it. It was amazing! My husband and guests are not keto and they loved it. I was also so relieved I didn’t order a low carb pizza from the local pizza shop because I found out it is made with rice starch, rice flour, and sugar…more gluten free but NOT Keto friendly. Phew, I missed that bullet. AND, the pizza sauce I made doubles as a delicious marinara sauce, and it freezes so well. I make a big batch to minimize my cooking and clean up. I love cooking once, and feasting many times!

I was so nervous starting keto, giving up carbs, the failure of previous “diets”, and so nervous about the cauliflower pizza crust. It didn’t sound appealing, but I was committed and wanted to give it a go. It was so delicious!!! And it was so satisfying. I ended up having enough for multiple meals later. It is easy to freeze as well. I am a big fan of cooking once, and feasting multiple times!  

I love a supreme pizza. I topped my pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, bell peppers, & black olives. So good! It felt like I was cheating on my keto! I also dipped it with some extra sauce. I’m salivating just writing about it. ANd it is so much easier than a wheat dough crust!

Try the BBQ Chicken Keto pizza too! Ridiculously goood. 

Keto Pizza & Marinara Sauce

This sauce is so delicious, easy, and versatile it’s not worth trying to find a bottled version that won’t kick you out of keto. Make a big batch, portion, and store for future meals with no cooking or clean up. Use it as pizza sauce, dipping sauce, marinara for keto “noodles.” You can easily add ground meat to make an Italian meat sauce.

2 T olive oil or butter

1/2 chopped onion

2 T minced garlic

4 T Italian seasonings

4 cans tomato paste

4 can-fulls of water (use the empty tomato paste cans to measure-if you want a thinner sauce, add another can or two)

2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

2 T sugar substitute 

1) Heat your skillet on medium heat, and add your oil or melt the butter.
2) Once hot, add your onion and garlic. Saute until transparent.
3) Stir in the Italian seasoning, then the tomato paste, and water. Stir until incorporated. Turn down to low to simmer.
4) Add the salt and sugar substitute to taste. Granulated erythritol is a great option. If you use other sugar substitutes, look at the substitution amounts so you do not add too much, or start small and go by taste. The sugar substitute cuts the acidic taste of the sauce.
5) Use right away hot as pizza sauce, marinara sauce, or store in a glass jar or air tight. Portion out and freeze for future meals in freezer bags. It usually tastes so much better after being chilled for a day, and all the flavors come together. Enjoy!

Keto Cauliflower Crust Pizza

With less than 4 g of carbs per serving, and no rise time, this delicious pizza crust is so fast, easy, and satisfying. Top with your favorite keto approved sauce and toppings. Bake once, and use for multiple keto meals. Add a large leafy greens salad, and you have a balanced healthy keto meal with no guilt. Half the recipe for a smaller pizza.

4 c grated cauliflower

4 eggs


4 c grated mozzarella cheese

2 T Italian seasonings, optional


1) Preheat the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit. 

2) Line a pizza pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper. 

3) To grate the cauliflower quickly and easily, use a food processor with a grating attachment. Then mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

4) Press the mix on the parchment paper to the desired thickness and shape. 

5) Bake for 20-30 min until browning on the top.  The thicker the crust the longer baking time. 

6) Top with sauce, topping, and more cheese. 

7) Bake for another 10-15 min until the cheese is bubbly and browned. 

8) Let sit for 5 min. Cut and serve. 

Enjoy and get creative!

Got-To Keto Avocado Ranch Dressing

Got-To Keto Avocado Ranch Dressing


Avocado’s healthy fats are pretty widely known, but do you know about the healthy fats in Sardines? Can’t fathom eating sardines? I know I couldn’t, but knowing their nutritional value, I wanted to find a way I could add them to my meals.  I love a good avocado ranch salad dressing, and figured it would be worth getting the best of both worlds with this dressing inspired by fresh Caesar salad dressing and a healthy keto diet…and it is so versatile you can use it for a burger sauce, and a Keto BBQ Ranch dressing. So yummy. 

I added a sugar free ketchup to this dressing which made an out-of-this-world delicious burger sauce for my Keto In-N-Out-Style Protein-Style Burger with all the benefits you get from eating avocados and sardines.

This dressing on a bed of spinach, cucumbers, tomato, and parmesan cheese is the perfect compliment to a perfectly pan seared filet of wild salmon and al dente asparagus. A ridiculously delicious and satisfying healthy keto meal wiht spot on fat-protein-carb ratios to promote fat burning.

It is also perfect with a sugar free BBQ sauce to make a Keto BBQ ranch salad with a bed of spinach, parmesan croutons for a great crunch, succulent grilled lime chicken, fresh tomato, creamy avocado, shredded jack cheese,  and diced red onion. This is one delicious complete meal healthy keto salad! You gotta try it. 

How healthy are sardines?

 First off, knowing how important Omega-3 fatty acids are may help motivate you to add more sources regularly in your diet. It’s important to get the right amount of fats for all your cellular membranes,  your brain, nervous systeoum, chemical reactions, stress and sex hormones, bile, fat soluble vitamins, eyes…the list goes on and on. Omega-3 Fatty acids can help fight anxiety and depression. They are also vital fats to transition from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner on a healthy Keto Diet. For example, MTC’s are great for immediate and short term ketosis, but Omega-3’s provide the longer term bell curve ketosis.  GIven the importance of Omega-3’s for your body and becoming fat adapted through ketosis, sardines are a rich source worth finding ways you will be able to add them to your meals.

Literally, if eaten whole, sardines contain just about every nutrient your body needs. Knowing this fact still doesn’t make it palatable for me personally to eat these bad boys whole. A classic Caesar salad dressing that uses anchovy paste inspired me to make a dressing using sardines to boost my nutrients in my Keto meals. 

Keto Avocado Ranch Dressing

Avocado is such an important source of healthy fats, have you considered how nutrient dense sardines are? Consumed whole, they are packed with literally all the nutrients your body needs. The only issue may be how to work them into your nutrition if eating them straight is not appealing. This Avocado Ranch Dressing is inspired by a classic Caesar dressing, only adding sardines to take advantage of their jam packed nutritional value. This is also very versatile and can add sugar-free ketchup for a tasty burger sauce, or a sugar free BBQ sauce to finish off a yummy BBQ Chicken Salad. The sky is the limit!

1/2 onion or 1 shallot 

1-2 T minced garlic

2 avocados

canned wild caught sardines in olive oil (depending on your palate, you can use a whole can, half of a can, 2-3 sardines, play with the amount that works for you)

1 c full fat mayo (1/2 c each mayo & sour cream


1/4 c milk or milk substitute

1-2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

2-4 T buttermilk powder (4 is my preference)

1/2 c fresh parsley or 1/4 c dry

1 T fresh dill or 2 tsp dry dill

1 T fresh chives or 2 tsp dry chives

1/4 c ACV (apple cider vinegar)

1) Add all the ingredients to a blender or food processor. Adjust ingredients to taste. Start with a smaller amount of an ingredient, and increase as you test it–I love a full flavored, tangy, creamy dressing. 

2) Blend or process until smooth and everything is incorporated. 

3) Store in a glass canning jar or other air tight container. Chill in the fridge. 

Enjoy and get creative!

Keto Gelato: Best Fat Bomb Ever

Keto Gelato: Best Fat Bomb Ever


Are you on Keto and do you dream of Velvety Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato? Or are you so sick of other “fat bombs?” You will LOVE this velvety Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato! There is not better way to use 15 egg yolks and 6 cups of heavy whipping cream! I promise it is so worth it! AND it is perfect for summertime. This batch will make enough so you can have gelato on hand when you need creamy froszen dessert. You can also eat it chilled, not frozen, as a rich mousse or pudding that just satisfies that hankering for a decadent dessert that doesn’t taste Keto-forced, if you know what I mean. A little goes a long way…and this is coming from someone who could polish off a whole tub of ice cream before starting Keto and getting my hormones balances, burning fat, and feeling satiated after eating rather than being OBSESSED with food…AND shedding pounds of fate!!! How about Gelato? Um, yes please!


When I think of gelato, I FONDLY think of the gelato I had in Lahina on the Hawaiian island Maui, a hot day in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, or the gelato we had on a freezing day in Vail, CO. Freezing or not, gelato in a warm indoor french cafe was magnifique! I’ve had gelato just about everywhere I travel, including stay-cations I’ve spent touring the Strip here in Vegas. 

Only the Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Gelato, better known as Haupia, actually stands out as memorable in terms of the gelato itself. I’ve had plenty of my favorite flavors at various locations, and while the gelato is always yummy, the actual gelato never stand out as memorable.

If you are familiar with Marcy’s Ice Cream & Candy Store in Torrance CA, which is quaint ma and pop shop in the South Bay of LA that rocked locals by closing around 2010, then you KNOW how dand good their Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream was. I haven’t been able to quelch my Marcy’s Choc PB fix since the last time I was there before they closed their doors forever. The closest I have gotten is Golden Spoons Chocolate Peanut Butter frozen yogurt. Not even 31 Flavor’s or any other store bought tub of Chocolate Peanut Butter can come clase. This may seem like blasphemy to some of you, but it is my reality…UNTIL I made this gelato!!!

The funny thing is that for at least a month straight after we got back from our trip to CO for Christmas, my husband would bring up getting this new gelato and ice cream machine almost DAILY! To say I was getting irritated is putting it mildly. First of all, between the two of us before getting married, we had two ice cream machines that were very similar and I used mine maybe twice. It simply did not make the making ice cream experience memorable for me, and I had mine since 2000. Hence it did not get used, and hence I was not keen on getting yet another ice cream machine promising gelato as well. We just got rid of both of our previous ice cream makers not too long ago. Then one day he came home with said ice cream and gelato maker in hand, much to my immediate displeasure…only to commence frequent, though restrained, pleas as to when I was going to make gelato. Grrrr….not that I already had a full plate, heck my plate is always over flowing!!!

The closer Valentine’s Day got, my icey-gelato-making-heart melted, and I couldn’t think of a better present for my husband to show my love for him than to give in to his frequent pleas for homemade gelato; it mean it was what he had been asking me to do for almost 6 weeks straight. Then the research started, because yo, I CANNOT just simply make gelato on the first recipe I come across, which happened to be the recipe booklet that came with the Cuisinart Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker. I read tons of recipes, and there is a certain foundation or formula to each variation of recipes. Once I get a grasp on the similarities in each one, I can decipher what I can do to start “playing around” and making my own custom, and memorable recipe that I will love and go back to every time.

I cannot tell you why Marcy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream popped into my head as I researched recipes, other than through the multitude of recipes I saw a ton of chocolate gelatos, which I am not drawn to straight up chocolate ice cream or gelato, but my husband is. However, dang it, if I am gonna be the one to make it, I sure want to be one of the ones to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

So. Chocolate Peanut Butter it is…and we are not talking chocolate from cocoa powder either. I find cocoa powder has a chalky chocolate taste I have an aversion to and can tell right away if it is the main, or only, chocolate ingredient used in something I eat. We are going for the real deal, high quality chocolate I use time after time, Ghirardelli because I can get it at my local Costco in bulk. The only question remained is what type of chocolate do I use?

The dark chocolate that my husband prefers over all other types? Milk chocolate that pairs well with peanut butter? Or the middle of the road semi-sweet? I can assure there really is not a wrong choice here, because each type of chocolate chip will change the flavor profile just slightly to momick the chocolate chosen. If you prefer dark, use dark. If you prefer milk, use milk chocolate chips. Use whatever your taste buds fancy. I was tending towards the dark chocolate, because as you can see in the picture to the right of our gelato in Vail, CO, my husband goes for the triple chocolate and cookies and cream variety, while I go for the exotic fruity scoops. Not only do I love this photo for the memory of it, but the irony that despite it being a ridiculously cold but clear and stunning day in Vail the first thing we got was gelato! Cracks me up everytime.

“Life’s Uncertain. Eat dessert first.” 


Do you see how gorgeous the gelato presentations are? It’s almost as beautiful as the scenery that day walking around the Vail town center. Ahhh, it is so fun to be momentarily transported back to Vail through these pictures. I hope you get a moment to live vicariously through them in a delicious moment of escaping your current reality. I have to point out the itty bitty taped up sign warning all patrons that they are limited to ONE sample. Really? REALLY? I mean, ok, I can see that would get pretty tedious and irritating to those waiting to be served…but really? Oh, and I must tell you the final chocolate decision that ended my internal debate…semi-sweet. Yes, I went with semi-sweet because I really didn’t want to go for the sharpness of dark chocolate having the memories, and hence cravings, for Marcy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream strongly present in my psyche at that moment, AND I felt the milk chocolate would be a bit too sweet for what I was going for. Too sweet as in you’ve had one or two too many Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and the pleasure is override by the sickeningly sweet aftertaste. Yes, there is such a thing as too many. One last thought, gelato is a frozen custard so it is richer than ice cream, and doesn’t have the same crystallization when frozen so it is softer than ice cream. Because it is so rich, the point is to savour the heavenly, velvety, frozen confection in a reasonable serving at one time. That is why the gelato cups you get are customarily smaller than what is available at most ice cream shops.   

One final thought, I LOVE this ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt machine!!! SO much so I take back all my goals and immediate irritation when my husband first got this beauty. I didn’t know how amazing it was until I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato, which I did more out of the giving spirit of Valentine’s Day to show my love knowing this is something he REALLY REALLY wanted that I did do give this machine a go. I was not interested after my previous ice cream maker all! This machine is a dream, and seriously makes me want to stand over the stove stirring the custard base for the 15-20 minutes it takes to make more gelato. I do really need, and now can’t wait for the right time, to make both ice cream and frozen yogurt on this puppy. It has a larger capacity, which always irked me about the older versions, and digital controls with automatic shut off timers that obnoxiously beep when done so I don’t ever forget to go get before it melts again…I hate wasted efforts especially with how busy I get multi-taking on the regular. You definitely want to transfer the completed gelato to an airtight container, and then place in the freezer; I do not recommend putting the machine tub WITH the gelato in the freezer. Ya, ask me how I know that bit of information! 😉 The last thing I recommend doing is cleaning out the machine’s freezer bowl and placing back into the freezer to be ready and waiting for your next frozen delight hankering!

This machine is so easy to use! 

Velvety Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato

Are you ready to have premium gelato at home? Without the crowds? Without the retail markup? If you have a hankering for a satisfying serving of frozen custard that is ready and waiting for you at a moment’s notice in your own freezer, then this is recipe for you. Hold on to your taste buds, because this gelato will give you an off the charts, food-gasmic response. If you love gelato, but haven’t had a specific flavor that stands out and is memorable, this will definitely be a recipe you go back to every time…unless you have a peanut allergy…and in that case, omit the peanut butter all together and load up on the dark, milk, and semi-sweet chocolate chips to make a Triple Chocolate variation on this gelato.

15 egg yolks

6 c heavy whipping cream

 1 1/2 c erythritol, or preferred sugar substitute


1 T Himalayan pink salt

1 c semi-sweet stevia chocolate chips

2 T vanilla

1 c creamy sugar free peanut butter

1) Add 3 c cream-reserve the rest, and the sugar substitute to a saucepan (a thicker pan is best to avoid scorching), and give it a quick wisk. Simmer over med heat, stirring constantly until the sugar substitute disolves and it is hot, but do not let boil. 

2) In a sturdy bowl, I recommend a 8 cup glass measuring cup, wisk your egg yolks. Whisk in a 1/2 c of the hot dairy to the egg yolks; this tempers them to avoid curdling.  Whisk in the remaining hot dairy mix at 1/2 c increments until combined. 

3) Pour back into the sauce pan. Cook over low heat for about 15-20 minutes, constantly stirring, or until the custard thickens and coats the back of a spoon. Do not allow the custard to boil to avoid curdling.  

4) Stir in salt, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Stir until creamy and completely combined.  

5) Pour into a large bowl, add the remaining 3 c cream, and stir until completely smooth and combined.

6) Place a film of plastic wrap on the surface of the custard and securely around the bowl to prevent a skin forming on the custard mix as it completely chills.

7) Chill for 4-6 hours, or over night. *Once chilled, it is perfectly good to eat as custard, or pudding.* You want the custard mix to be  completely chilled before adding to the ice cream/gelato making machine. I recommend this one for its large capacity, and easy programming.  

8) Pour the chilled mix into the set up ice cream maker’s freezer bowl, set on the gelato setting, and forget it for 30 min. Enjoy your velvety custom frozen custard!

Keto Pancakes

Best Gold Drip Technique

Best Gold Drip Technique


Anyone else frustrated with painted chocolate gold drips gold? I know I am. And you definitely do not get the GOLD DRIP effect you would envision. I mean I don’t. Sure, it looks pretty like in this cake I did, but I just wasn’t complete happy about it…until I found this technique! Now I am not at mastery level, and I cannot wait to use it more.  I learned a ton on this first go of it on this cake. I also cannot help but say that being these sugar orchids were also my first attempt, I not only learned a ton, but they turned out beautiful!


I am OBSESSED with how gorgeous and lux the gold drip came out!!! This new technique I found massively easier than the chocolate drip and then painting it gold. I did learn, however, this is far more liquid in consistency so I need to learn to use less so the drips do not puddle at the bottom of the cake. The drips that did not puddle at the bottom, are stunning!

You can see that it also settled completely level on the top of the cake, which is a feature I did not expect and thrilled to the moon over. The top set with more of an antique gold finish rather than the lux liquid gold finish, which I am hoping to figure out a way to avoid that. But it could be from the vodka I used evaporating. So, just like you use vodka or lemon extract to activate your gold luster dust to paint any cake feature gold, you make a gold slurry (recipe below). 

You make a gold slurry with 3 ingredients: 1) 2 T powder sugar, or confectioners sugar, 2) 1 T gold luster dust (I used this one), and 3) add vodka or lemon extract until you reach drip consistency. I mixed these ingredients to get a thick but drippable consistency. Then I put the mix in a disposable piping bag, clipped the end with a relatively small opening to control the mix easily, and then proceeded to drip like I do with chocolate ganaches. Like I mentioned previously, I realize now to use far less pressure and less mix at each drip than I did here. I learned what to adjust next time.

Lux gold Drip

1) 2 T powder sugar, or confectioners sugar

2) 1 T gold luster dust 

3) add vodka or lemon extract until you reach drip consistency.

Once you reach a desirable drip consistency, add the mix to a piping bag (disposable or parchment recommended). Then drip the edge of the cake as usual, except be aware that you will want to use FAR less drip than what you would with a chocolate drip.

Dark Chocolate Cake

This cake recipe will knock anyone’s socks off, it is so good. AND it will dazzle any chocolate lover’s taste buds. Check out the Perfect Ratio Cream Cheese Buttercream Recipe that is easy to decorate with AND tastes amazing with this cake. NOTE: I wrap up the baked and cooled cake layers I am not immediately using in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 3 weeks. Freezing cakes like this keeps them moist when thawed and ready to use.

1 white box cake mix

4 eggs

*1 box dark chocolate mousse mix or chocolate instant pudding

1/2 c sour cream

1 c milk

1/2 c melted butter



 *NOTE: If I need multiple layers and double this recipe, I can customize the chocolate cake layers by using one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate mousse mix, or two of one kind depending on the chocolate flavor profile I am going for. 

OPTIONAL: 3/4 to 1 c Razzleberry Fruit Filling to fill layers, recipe below

1) Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees F …cook low and slow, and you may need to add time to the suggested bake time; use a toothpick or cake tester to check doneness in the center before you pull the layers out of the oven. 

2) Prepare your layer cake pans AND bundt cake with my Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix (recipe below). **Even if you have a non-stick pan, it is worth using the Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix–after all your time and energy making and baking your cake, the last thing you want is to have half of it stick to the pan, and get a big crumbled pile of cake.

3) Mix all the ingredients except the optional fruit filling in a stand mixer, or a large bowl and hand mixer until smooth. It will be thick. Do not over mix

4) Divide your batter between your prepared cake pans. Level your batter in the pan (knock the cake pan on the counter top to get rid of air bubbles) before baking. 

*For a 3″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 3 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 2 1/4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a 3″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 5 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a bunt cake, use the number of cups your bunt cake pan is sized by. If you overfill your bunt cake pan, it will overflow in the oven and create a huge mess to clean up…and ani’t no one got time for that! Don’t forget to grease and flour your bunt cake pan. 

NOTE: I wrap up the baked and cooled cake layers I am not immediately using in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 3 weeks. Freezing cakes like this keeps them moist when thawed and ready to use.

Razzleberry Fruit Filling

3 c fresh or frozen mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries 

1/2 c lemon juice


1 c sugar

4 T corn starch, mixed in 1 c cold water


1) Add all the ingredients except the corn starch & water mix in a sauce pan on med heat. 
2) Mash all the berries, sugar, and lemon juice with a potato masher. As the mix heats up and starts to boil, the berries will give off more of their juices and the sugar will dissolve. 
3) After the mix has had a chance to heat through, the berries give off their juices, and the sugar is dissolved, pour the mix into a blender. Blend until smooth and even. 
4) Strain the juice back into the rinsed pan through a metal sieve using a metal spoon to circulate the seeds to get all the juice through. Discard the seeds.
5) Bring the seedless berry mix to a boil.
6) Add the corn starch and water mix, and let boil stirring constantly until thickened.
7) Let the fruit filling cool before adding to an airtight dish to chill in the refrigerator. DO not use to fill cakes or to add to frostings until completely chilled. 
8) To fill a cake: frost the bottom layer with an even coating of frosting, pipe a frosting “dam” around the boarder of the frosted cake, then dollop a general tablespoon or two depending on the layer size, and spread evenly to the dam before topping with another layer of cake; and repeat until the top layer.

Note: Let’s get real. I love to cook once and use multiple times. This recipe is modified from using a full 48 oz. bag of organic mixed berries consisting of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries from my local bulk store.  I then store in an airtight container and either keep in the fridge if I use it quickly, or freeze to have on hand and thaw as needed. 

Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix

In a 1:1:1 ratio, mix flour, lard or shortening, and vegetable oil. Mix until evenly incorporated, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. For example, I use 1 cup of each ingredient to mix up and have on hand to prepare all my cake pans before adding batter, and then baking. Cakes will come out clean and easily, with no sticking. I coat my pans with this mix using a silicone baster brush. I also add a cut parchment paper to the bottom of any flat bottomed cake pan I use.

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