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Stinkin’ Cute Bunny Butts Easter Cake


Easter is around the corner, and I’ve been obsessed with all things Spring and Easter for the past few weeks. Now that I finally have my Easter mantel decor squared away in my noggin’–I have a finished vision in my noggin’ that is just waiting for the time and energy to complete. In the midst of all the Easter decor projects bouncing around in my head, I’ve been thinking about beloved Easter traditions. Now what is bigger than Easter dinner? I don’t know about you, but that is pretty dang high up there. I mean, man, all the excitement from planning the meal to preparing it with loved ones around, laughing, loving hugging, reminiscing of old memories, and creating new ones…and then, eating it! My Easter menu is not finalized as of yet, and I get plenty of joy out of the planning because there are just so MANY choices. One thing is for certain this year…and that is dessert!


I have been obsessed with BUNNY BUTTS this season, so of course I am gonna put them on the CAKE! I had ideas swirling around, and it all came together after the My Little Pony Cake I made for a sweet little gal’s 3rd birthday. One idea didn’t quite make it, but I can tuck that one for another cake, or let it marinade until next year. 

I basically took the colors and piping tips I used from the this cake, along with a water color background from the purple, pink, and blue colors for the main color. I admit the colors in my head were far more pastel in strength and the color I imagined for the background was closer to a periwinkle than the fun punchy violet that I went with; however, I think the stinking’ cute bunny butts pop because of the darker background. I LOVE it! I also love how the foil chocolate covered eggs fits with the colors better than soft pastels would have.

The cake is dark chocolate cake with my Razzleberry fruit filling (bottom of the post) and my Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting (bottom of post). So delicious! It is the flavor combo I used for my sealing reception wedding cake. 

I have been throwing around ideas for the perfect nest to nestle the chocolate Easter eggs I found at Costco, and it was serendipitous that I found this green apple flavored Easter grass candy at JoAnn Fabric’s that worked out better than I imagined with all the colors. It pops against the purple, and rainbow rosettes! SO much fun and the kids will go crazy for it.  

The tips I used on the rosettes and flowers are 1M, 199, 16, 22 (or 32–I lost track of that one), 172, 106, 12, and 131. I also used a random selection of fancy sprinkles including gold bars I got here.

Dark Chocolate Cake

This cake recipe will knock anyone’s socks off, it is so good. AND it will dazzle any chocolate lover’s taste buds. Check out the Perfect Ratio Cream Cheese Buttercream Recipe that is easy to decorate with AND tastes amazing with this cake. NOTE: I wrap up the baked and cooled cake layers I am not immediately using in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 3 weeks. Freezing cakes like this keeps them moist when thawed and ready to use.

1 white box cake mix

4 eggs

*1 box dark chocolate mousse mix or chocolate instant pudding

1/2 c sour cream

1 c milk

1/2 c melted butter



 *NOTE: If I need multiple layers and double this recipe, I can customize the chocolate cake layers by using one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate mousse mix, or two of one kind depending on the chocolate flavor profile I am going for. 

OPTIONAL: 3/4 to 1 c Razzleberry Fruit Filling to fill layers, recipe below

1) Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees F …cook low and slow, and you may need to add time to the suggested bake time; use a toothpick or cake tester to check doneness in the center before you pull the layers out of the oven. 

2) Prepare your layer cake pans AND bundt cake with my Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix (recipe below). **Even if you have a non-stick pan, it is worth using the Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix–after all your time and energy making and baking your cake, the last thing you want is to have half of it stick to the pan, and get a big crumbled pile of cake.

3) Mix all the ingredients except the optional fruit filling in a stand mixer, or a large bowl and hand mixer until smooth. It will be thick. Do not over mix

4) Divide your batter between your prepared cake pans. Level your batter in the pan (knock the cake pan on the counter top to get rid of air bubbles) before baking. 

*For a 3″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 3 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 2 1/4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a 3″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 5 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a bunt cake, use the number of cups your bunt cake pan is sized by. If you overfill your bunt cake pan, it will overflow in the oven and create a huge mess to clean up…and ani’t no one got time for that! Don’t forget to grease and flour your bunt cake pan. 

NOTE: I wrap up the baked and cooled cake layers I am not immediately using in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 3 weeks. Freezing cakes like this keeps them moist when thawed and ready to use.

Razzleberry Fruit Filling

3 c fresh or frozen mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries 

1/2 c lemon juice


1 c sugar

4 T corn starch, mixed in 1 c cold water


1) Add all the ingredients except the corn starch & water mix in a sauce pan on med heat. 
2) Mash all the berries, sugar, and lemon juice with a potato masher. As the mix heats up and starts to boil, the berries will give off more of their juices and the sugar will dissolve. 
3) After the mix has had a chance to heat through, the berries give off their juices, and the sugar is dissolved, pour the mix into a blender. Blend until smooth and even. 
4) Strain the juice back into the rinsed pan through a metal sieve using a metal spoon to circulate the seeds to get all the juice through. Discard the seeds.
5) Bring the seedless berry mix to a boil.
6) Add the corn starch and water mix, and let boil stirring constantly until thickened.
7) Let the fruit filling cool before adding to an airtight dish to chill in the refrigerator. DO not use to fill cakes or to add to frostings until completely chilled. 
8) To fill a cake: frost the bottom layer with an even coating of frosting, pipe a frosting “dam” around the boarder of the frosted cake, then dollop a general tablespoon or two depending on the layer size, and spread evenly to the dam before topping with another layer of cake; and repeat until the top layer.

Note: Let’s get real. I love to cook once and use multiple times. This recipe is modified from using a full 48 oz. bag of organic mixed berries consisting of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries from my local bulk store.  I then store in an airtight container and either keep in the fridge if I use it quickly, or freeze to have on hand and thaw as needed. 

Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix

In a 1:1:1 ratio, mix flour, lard or shortening, and vegetable oil. Mix until evenly incorporated, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. For example, I use 1 cup of each ingredient to mix up and have on hand to prepare all my cake pans before adding batter, and then baking. Cakes will come out clean and easily, with no sticking. I coat my pans with this mix using a silicone baster brush. I also add a cut parchment paper to the bottom of any flat bottomed cake pan I use.

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