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My Little Pony Rainbow Dreams Cake


I know a little girl who is OBSESSED with all things My Little Pony…and she was about to turn 3. I knew I had to design a super cute and girly cake with lots of My Little Pony colors and figures to make sure she was ridiculously excited about her cake.  There couldn’t just be little figurines, but it has to explode with color and rainbows because Rainbow Dash was her absolute favorite My Little Pony. I also cannot make a cake that just looks cute, but I always want to blow people’s socks off with taste, both kids and adults. A cake that tastes so good, I don’t care what diet you are on, you can NOT just have one bite!


I made the top 6″ tier and bottom 8″ tier a vanilla confetti cake filled and frosted with my Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting. I added my Razzleberry fruit filling in between each frosted layer so everyone would savour every single bite.  It is important to note that if you are adding filling between each layer, you need to pipe a frosting damn on the outter perimeter to make sure the filling doesn’t ooze to through the crumb coat. 

To pipe rainbow frosting where it doesn’t get all muddy and you can clearly see all the colors, I made a tube with plastic wrap where I piped 3 lines of each color a length that would fit one of my large reusable piping bags on the flat sheet of plastic wrap. Then I rolled the frosting lines on top of each other by lifting one long edge of plastic wrap to fold the frosting on top of each other, and rolled the plastic all the way around, twisting to secure each end, almost like you have a rainbow frosting sausage. To pipe with the rainbow frosting, I made sure I had the tip I wanted in my large reusable piping bag, cut one end of the plastic wrapped rainbow “sausage”, and put the cut end inside the large piping bag first so it is open to freely pipe through my chosen tip.  I better make very clear that first off, I mixed each color individually before I filled each color in its own piping bag with a coupler so I could pipe with different tips later in each solid color; I then piped the lines with just the coupler onto the plastic wrap. 

You can see that the top tier used a combination of different tips to pipe flowers and rosette to add variety and interest using both the rainbow frosting, and each individual solid color frosting.  The bottom tier, I just used the rainbow frosting with the coupler, and no tip, to pipe dollops I then used my small cake spatula to drag out; I offset each row of dollops so that each one on the next row up would fit in between two on the bottom. It turned out so beautiful! I was mesmerized by it! The last dollop on each row is a challenge to get the same drag effect, so that’s how I came up with the sprinkle design on the bottom tier. 

The tips I used on the top tier are 1M for the largest rainbow rosettes and flowers,  tip 199 for rainbow swirls and dollops, tip 16 for the orange, tip 22 (or 32–I lost track of that one) yellow, tip 172 purple, tip 106 green, tip 12 blue, and tip 131 pink. 

I placed various size and shape rainbow, gold sphere and bar sprinkles around the top tier to add interest. I am just OBSESSED with how it turned out. I was definitely a jaw dropper at the party!!!

Of course I had to add the stars of the cakes, My Little Pony figurines.  I used this set even though I comtemplated using the cleaned full size ones that the client’s daughter already had and loved, however, I didn’t want the hair to get gooped up with frosting so I found these. They are perfect for cake toppers and cupcakes! 

Another happy experiment that turned out to be genius and I will definitely be using a LOT in the future, was the frosted pretzel rods! I had left over rainbow frosting and didn’t want to waste all that effort, and of course who doesn’t love salty-sweet treats, so I took the pretzel rods I had left over from my Dinosaur cake, pipped shells, and added sprinkles, and voila! Not only were they so ridiculously adorable, they were so yummy!

I  used a colored frosting to frost the bottom layer to hid any potential gaps in the rainbow pattern.

Vanilla Confetti Cake

This cake recipe will knock anyone’s socks off, it is so good. AND it will dazzle any kid with the fun confetti sprinkles in the cake batter. Check out the Perfect Ratio Cream Cheese Buttercream Recipe that is easy to decorate with AND tastes amazing with this cake. NOTE: I wrap up the baked and cooled cake layers I am not immediately using in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 3 weeks. Freezing cakes like this keeps them moist when thawed and ready to use.

1 white box cake mix

4 eggs

1 box  vanilla instant pudding

1/2 c sour cream


1 c milk

1/2 c melted butter

1/2 c confettie sprinkles

3/4 to 1 c Razzleberry Fruit Filling, recipe below

1) Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees F …cook low and slow, and you may need to add time to the suggested bake time; use a toothpick or cake tester to check doneness in the center before you pull the layers out of the oven. 

2) Prepare your layer cake pans AND bundt cake with my Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix (recipe below). **Even if you have a non-stick pan, it is worth using the Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix–after all your time and energy making and baking your cake, the last thing you want is to have half of it stick to the pan, and get a big crumbled pile of cake.

3) Mix all the ingredients except the sprinkles and fruit filling in a stand mixer, or a large bowl and hand mixer until smooth. It will be thick. Do not over mix

4) Mix in the sprinkles and stir by hand with a spatula or spoon. 

5) Divide your batter between your prepared cake pans. Level your batter in the pan (knock the cake pan on the counter top to get rid of air bubbles) before baking. 

*For a 3″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 3 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 6″ round pan, use 2 1/4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a 3″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 5 cups of batter, and bake for 35-40 min.

*For a 2″ layer in a 8″ round pan, use 4 cups batter, and bake for 28-36 min.

*For a bunt cake, use the number of cups your bunt cake pan is sized by. If you overfill your bunt cake pan, it will overflow in the oven and create a huge mess to clean up…and ani’t no one got time for that! Don’t forget to grease and flour your bunt cake pan. 

Razzleberry Fruit Filling

3 c fresh or frozen mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries 

1/2 c lemon juice


1 c sugar

4 T corn starch, mixed in 1 c cold water


1) Add all the ingredients except the corn starch & water mix in a sauce pan on med heat. 
2) Mash all the berries, sugar, and lemon juice with a potato masher. As the mix heats up and starts to boil, the berries will give off more of their juices and the sugar will dissolve. 
3) After the mix has had a chance to heat through, the berries give off their juices, and the sugar is dissolved, pour the mix into a blender. Blend until smooth and even. 
4) Strain the juice back into the rinsed pan through a metal sieve using a metal spoon to circulate the seeds to get all the juice through. Discard the seeds.
5) Bring the seedless berry mix to a boil.
6) Add the corn starch and water mix, and let boil stirring constantly until thickened.
7) Let the fruit filling cool before adding to an airtight dish to chill in the refrigerator. DO not use to fill cakes or to add to frostings until completely chilled. 
8) To fill a cake: frost the bottom layer with an even coating of frosting, pipe a frosting “dam” around the boarder of the frosted cake, then dollop a general tablespoon or two depending on the layer size, and spread evenly to the dam before topping with another layer of cake; and repeat until the top layer.

Note: Let’s get real. I love to cook once and use multiple times. This recipe is modified from using a full 48 oz. bag of organic mixed berries consisting of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries from my local bulk store.  I then store in an airtight container and either keep in the fridge if I use it quickly, or freeze to have on hand and thaw as needed. 

Quick-Release Cake Prep Mix

In a 1:1:1 ratio, mix flour, lard or shortening, and vegetable oil. Mix until evenly incorporated, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. For example, I use 1 cup of each ingredient to mix up and have on hand to prepare all my cake pans before adding batter, and then baking. Cakes will come out clean and easily, with no sticking. I coat my pans with this mix using a silicone baster brush. I also add a cut parchment paper to the bottom of any flat bottomed cake pan I use.

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From the confetti cake to the mixed berry filling and the grand finale rainbow frosting-you created a dream come true cake for this little girl and her family!

This was sooo beautiful and even more delicious in person!!! I LOVED the layers of fruity cake! I could eat this all day😍

This cake is absolutely beautiful! The detail work is my favorite thing about this cake ❤️ Well that and the taste of course 😂

LOVE this! It’s amazing! I seriously can’t believe the detail on your cakes, not to mention the professionalism and overall beauty. I’ve never seen such fabulous cakes, seriously. I am a huge fan of your work. 🧡💛💚💙💜

This was my daughters cake and Heather is right! We were dieting and could not get enough of this cake! Not to mention how adorable it was!

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