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5 Minute home Spa Treatment: Bronzing Sugar Scrub


I don’t know about you, but I could use more self-care in my daily routine that won’t take precious time away from my already overflowing plate. I also have limited money to spend on the things I want more than need, which I call my “luxury funds”–Oooooo, “luxury funds”…doesn’t that  just make spending that money seem more…LUXURIOUS…no matter how big or small that fund may be. Oh, ya.  Just like we all have the same 24 hours to use, and must prioritize where our times goes, we have to prioritize where our “luxury funds” go.  No matter how I would LOVE to have more hours in the day and days in the week, it simply cannot happen; however, there are ways we can make our “luxury funds” stretch. For example, one way I choose to spend my “luxury funds,” which is imperative for me is my premium clinical grade skin care that guarantees results, delivers results, and I won’t live without–you only get one face and that is the first thing people see and 90% of your selfie! Haha! Another person may choose to use their “luxury funds” on a pair of shoes, an outfit, a spa treatment…you get the idea.


So the question remains, how can we have it all? Or at least make our “luxury funds” stretch? One way I have figured out to do this is make my own custom spa treatment part of my daily self-care: sugar scrubs as my last step in the shower! AND I use high quality ingredients that are so good for skin AND so easy on anyone’s pocket book. You can elevate your sugar scrub by adding in fragrance oils, or essential oils of your own to further customize and elevate your home spa self-care treatment, and add aromatherapy to your self-care routine without taking more time away. No appointment necessary. No pricey treatment. No travel time or traffic to deal with. Just a luxurious, aromatic, exfoliating treatment that feels amazing and leaves your skin soft as a baby’s bottom while you do what you are already doing–taking a shower.
The recipe is SOOOOO easy, and so easy to customize. There are only 3 main ingredients, and some optional ingredients. The main ingredients are granulated sugar, olive oil, and coconut oil. The optional ingredients are fragrance oils or essential oils, and mica powders or food coloring. These are also great luxurious gifts you can customize which will deliver a home spa treatment and self-care for someone else without breaking your bank account! Win-win!!! I love to use these fragrance oils, and their Grapefruit Lily is my all time favorite. You can do seasonal scents or flavors; yes, you can make completely edible sugar scrubs using flavorings that can really fun in the bedroom–ooo la la! The sky’s the limit and let your creativity flow!
I usually make a big batch at a time after I run out, and fill up a bunch of glass jars I have completely cleaned inside and out. I love finding second use for items that keep me from throwing out more trash saving me money not having to buy jars. I do buy canning jars to use for gifts, or if I need more jars on hand. 
I gave a jar to my good friend who was in town for a work conference. The day after we met up for lunch, she texted me, “I kept asking myself why my skin feels and smells so good. it was the sugar scrub you made me! You gotta sell this stuff!” I made her a Pink Lemonade sugar scrub that I usually made in the summer, so watch out for that post!
I use jars that are not too deep so my fingers can get to the bottom without having to use a spoon. I will splurge when I see a cute random glass jar on sale or at a discount store. I found the red lid jars on a seasonal sale at The Container Store. I like to dress them up with a ribbon or colored butcher’s twine.  I will also buy my sugar and oils in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club to reduce the cost even more. For this bronzing scrub, I was inspired by Sephora’s Kopari Coconut Body Glow.  AND I can promise you for that same price, you can have loads of your own custom bronzing sugar scrub. Initially, I just made a coconut oil and olive oil mix with a bronze mineral colorant, and it sat on my bathroom counter because I never used it. Meanwhile, I was using up all my sugar scrubs. I put 2 & 2 together, and voila, a BRONZING SUGAR SCRUB! Woo hoo! 
And I love it. I added a White Tea & Ginger fragrance oil this time because I was longing for our vacation in Grand Cayman (pictured above), where the hotel’s white tea scented shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion smelled sooooo good, and just the smell transports me to floating in the crystal clear, ridiculously aqua ocean. I had to put in a picture of that water to transport you, and then you’d understand my rambling and why I made a separate order for that fragrance oil. And let’s face it, winter drags on this time of year, and with spring on the verge, who can’t help but dream of some tropical escape? I sure do! Just choosing a scent that transports you to a wonderful memory or place just elevates the aromatherapy you can get from a custom sugar scrub.  AND if you haven’t been to a restaurant like Echo & Rig that has an amazingly scented sugar scrub in the bathroom to use after you wash your hands, you need to…and you need to leave some of your custom sugar scrub next to the sink like  so you can have that same luxurious experience at home, and for your guests. They will be massively impressed, and will wonder where you bought your sugar scrub!!! You can tell them you made it…or not! Haha!
Bonzing Coconut & Olive Oil Sugar Scrub
Do you struggle to find time and money for a luxurious spa treatment to boost your self-care? Making this custom sugar scrub is the solution. Not only will your skin benefit from the exfoliation, but the hydration of the coconut oil and olive oils, as well as getting aromatherapy in your own shower. No extra time to book and drive to an expensive spa appointment. Your showers become a luxurious spa treatment and important step in your daily self care without taking time away from your busy schedule. And it is luxurious at a very low cost. Customize your sugar scrub with only a few ingredients, and minimal time to make.

1 c coconut oil, melted

2+ c granulated sugar

1 T bronze mica powder


1 c olive oil

1-2 tsp, or 1-2 T a fragrance oil, essential oil, or combination of your choice to the strength of your choice (different oils have different potentcies)


1) Mix all the ingredients together until even incorporated. If it is too wet, add more sugar; and vice versa, if the mix is too dry add more sugar.
2) Fill clean glass containers with the sugar scrub mix, and close with an airtight lid.
3) Use as your last step in the shower by taking a palm full and rubbing over various parts of your body to exfoliate in circular motions. Rinse the sugar off, and the oils will stay to hydrate your skin. Proceed to dry off as normal, and finish your shower routine.

NOTE: I usually make a huge batch and fill a load of glass jars I have saved and cleaned (and reuse each time I made more). I save glass jars that I have cleaned from salsa, and various other kitchen ingredients, as well as canning jars; I do, however, make sure my fingers can reach the bottom so I don’t need a spoon to get it all in the shower. 

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