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Customize Your March Monthly Calendar


I LOVE my Erin Condren Hardbound LIfeplanner…just find the monthly and weekly layouts lacking panache and interest. I am sure this is on purpose so everyone can customize their planners, but with the intent to purchase more Erin Condren accessories. I ain’t mad at her…she’s a smart successful business lady, BUT I don’t have the shells for all the extras. In the end I am actually so happy I didn’t spend the extra money, and sought out a way to customize my planner using the materials I already have…and more importantly…my creativity! It gives me such joy designing, creating, and having an artistic outlet in just about all I do. I am OBSESSED with how my March calendar turned out!


Aren’t those colors just so gorgeous??!???!!! I am OBSESSED. I did use Erin’s rose-gold numbered stickers; I actually bought them with my first Hardbound Lifeplanner last year and bought too many. Excellent! I got to use them this year too! I do love those, and may continue to buy the metallic numbered stickers.

I used these Tombow, Stabilo Boss Original Pastel, Sharpie highlighters, and some Copic Sketch markers. The Copic markers are ¬†are professional grade and price; I would have every possible Copic Sketch marker in my stash if I could justify the cost at this point, however, there is no reason to go out and get them for this. The other sets I lists have PLENTY of color options. The white paper I used is from Stampin’ Up, and I haven’t found any other paper that absorbs the color so well. I went for the stripes in a semi-gradient pattern to give the look a clean nod to a rainbow but to elevate the look from a traditional rainbow and green clover’s theme so prevalent with St. Patrick’s Day. I really do not need much of an excuse to use all the colors of the rainbow, that’s for sure.

The clover using hearts was intentional, but the double heart ended up being a happy accident. I planned to use my heart stencil I used for my Valentine’s Conversation Hearts themed February monthly calendar to make a clover on St. Patty’s day. By the time I got to the third “heart” I must have been distracted for a minute but too tired to really keep from mistakenly using the smallest heart, as opposed to the 2nd to the smallest heart on this stencil. I’m so pleased I did! I love it when accidents actually work out better than the original plan. SO I simply “double-hearted” the leaves and filled them in with a primary green color (Tombow 245), outlined with a lighter lime green (Tombow 133), and filled it in with a minty green (Stabilo Boss pastel green). I LOVE how it turned out!!!

The only thing I will add that literally popped in my head while typing is a script “lucky” through or near the clover. What did you do for your March monthly calendar to customize it?

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