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“Love is Sweet” Cake


The first time I saw this humongous heart shape lollipop, an image of an over-the-top “Love is Sweet” candy cake for Valentine’s Day popped vividly in my head. I KNEW this would be a hit to celebrate Valentines with kids. I also knew this was so delicious that the adults would enjoy it even more than the kids! The family that this cake went too said the kids went crazy over it and that the parents initially didn’t think they would be able to enjoy it because it looked too sweet…that is until they took a bite! “Five stars and two thumbs up! Everyone loved every aspect of it. My wife and I loved the flavor of it as well!”


Five stars and two thumbs up! Everyone loved every aspect of it. My wife and I loved the flavor of it as well!

DC Swanson

Dad and CFO of the Swanson Crew

Isn’t this every kid’s and adult kid’s dream?!!???! Oh, and the cotton cady was so good too. The cotton candy I used in this cake are not available anymore, but I have used this one here, glitter to top the cotton candy here, limited edition sprinkles here, the lollipop from Dylan’s, and I used these Sweet & Sour Conversation Hearts that I had never seen before this year’s Valentine’s season. I am OBSESSED with sour candy, so these were perfect, and so good. I had to have some as I was decorating this cake! I also used the cake recipe and Razzleberry filling from this post. You can learn how to marble the cake layers here as well.

Let’s talk cream cheese frosting for a second. Personally, I cannot handle sickeningly sweet frosting, and I want my frosting to add to the flavor of the cake as a whole. Besides this cooked frosting, I use cream cheese frosting on my cakes and cookies. The problem with most cream cheese frostings are that they cannot be piped and will NOT hold their shape. When I was planning my wedding cake pictured to the right, I was on the hunt for a cream cheese frosting that holds up to decorating or piping. I looked high and low. finally I found this one, a crusting buttercream. I found it to be easy to pipe and decorate my cakes. Of course I tweaked the recipe to create a truly custom gourmet cream cheese flavor that is out of this world so tasty, AND that is perfect to pipe and decorate any cake. May I present my Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting!  

Check out the piping details, texture details, and edible black cake lace in the pics below.

This frosting holds any piping beautifully! If you are used to traditional cream cheese frostings, then you know what I mean when I say those recipes are great for a bunt cake or slathered on frosting BUT IN NO WAY would it hold up being piped or used to decorate a cake, cupcake, or cookies.

The wedding cake I used the crusting decorator’s cream cheese buttercream, and the other two cakes I used my Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting. The recipe is posted below. I wanted to demonstrate the versatility of this frosting, and give you an idea why it is my go-to cream cheese frosting recipe. I also use it to make a frosting that is half and half with Cooked Frosting, as well as add fruit filling to stripe and flavor different variations of this frostings, which I use on my The Last Sugar Cookie Cut-Out Recipe You will Ever Need cookies. For this cake, I used this White Chocolate Razzleberry Cake recipe, and I used my cream cheese frosting recipe to fill and frost (at the bottom of this page).  I literally cannot get myself to use any other base frostings that these two: Cooked Frosting, and The Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting (recipe below).  I build all other flavors from these, and have a blast coming up with different variations. 

Perfect Ratio Dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting

Have you been looking for a cream cheese frosting you can also pipe and stable enough to fill a cake? Do you not only want the flavor of cream cheese frosting, but the flexibility to design and pipe a gorgeous cake? Did you think you could have a cream cheese frosting that tastes better than you could imagine? Then this recipe of the perfect fit for you. The salt brings out the flavor and balances the sweetness in this frosting. The last thing you want is sickeningly sweet frosting to take away from your cake masterpiece. You do not want to miss the secret ingredients that add a dimension of flavor to your cream cheese buttercream that makes it out of this world memorable! This makes a great base frosting to customize with fruit fillings, or mix with Cooked Frosting.  Really, there is no limit what you can do with this frosting. 

1 c salted butter (2 sticks), room temperature

8 oz cream cheese, room temperature

1 tsp salt

2+ T butter powder 

2+ T cream cheese powder, to taste


1 T vanilla (clear vanilla for a whiter frosting)

1 tsp Creme bouquet Flavor

5 c powder sugar

*NOTE: If I want to turn this into a crusting frosting, I will omit 1/2 stick of butter, and use white shortening, and add 1 c of powder sugar 


1) Cream the butter and cream cheese in a stand mixer, or large bowl with a hand mixer until creamy and fluffy.
2) Add the remaining ingredients except for the power sugar, and miz untilevenly incorporated.
3)Add the powder sugar in 1 c increments with the mixer off, scraping in between with a silicone spatula until the right consistency is reached. 
4) To pipe, use right away. If you need to store the frosting, put in an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator; just know if you plan to pipe from a chilled state, I recommend letting it come up to room temperature and beat with a hand mixer or a stand mixer to keep fluffy before piping.

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